Trip: Isle au Haute, Maine - August 2019

I’ve been going to this island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay since I was a kid. It’s a photographer’s dream, with rugged coastline, crashing waves from the open Atlantic, verdant woods with plenty of moss and ferns, and wonderful light with occasional fog. I return to the island every year with my family, and when we aren’t hiking, swimming and feasting on crab and lobster, I slip away with my camera, often before dawn in a rusty old truck, to take pictures. While I return to some of the same spots on the island year after year, I seem to see them a little differently each time. Some of the images have been added to their respective categories in my other galleries. Here are some additional shots from the 2019 trip

Maine - Boom Beach Sunrise16.jpg
Maine - Boom Beach Dawn Patrol3.jpg
Maine - Boom Beach Wave5.jpg
Maine - Horsemans Pt Rocks.jpg
Maine - Horsemans Pt Rocks2.jpg
Maine - Boom Beach Rocks2.jpg
Maine 2019 Boom Beach Sunrise2.jpg
Maine - Boom Beach Rocks7.jpg
Maine - Boom Beach Sunrise6.jpg
Maine - Woods Sunburst.jpg
Maine 2019 Boom Beach Driftwood2_website.jpg